Austin French


"I have been playing lacrosse for 10 years and back problems have seemed to be an issue for players on my team every year. Last year as a junior in high school playing at the varsity level there were 5 players on a 25 player team with back injuries, and I was one of them. 2 years ago I had a hip injury as well and was told to stop playing lacrosse by an orthopedic surgeon. I went to see Brandi Geiger instead and she fixed it in a couple of weeks. She then helped me with my back and ankle. Now I have been working with Ray Geiger in their gym to help strengthen my overall body since all of my injuries and I have not had any pain in my back, hips or ankle. My abs, ankle, and back have felt stronger than ever. The workouts are very similar to on-field movements making shooting and running that much easier when I am actually on the field. I will definitely continue working with Ray in the future to help prevent any further back injuries and improve my performance . Brandi and Ray work well together to fix us then strengthen us to help us prevent further injuries. I hope our testimonials encourage others to seek help from Ray and Brandi. "

Austin French~Denver University Lacrosse and San Ramon High School Lacrosse and Football

Todd French, RIP


"I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. My treatments have included several consecutive chemotherapy and radiation therapies as well as two clinical trials. Collective the treatments mostly held the cancer at bay. However the cancer spread to the other lung and brain during the clinical trial. Collectively the brain radiation caused severe nerve damage especially to my left arm an leg which were essentually useless post treatment.  Additional cognitive ability diminished from extensive brain radiation. So with my left side effectively useless and a constant cloudiness, Brandi started working with me. From our first session I have experienced progressive improvement going from practically zero mobility in my left arm and leg to walking with a walker that very first week also the cloudiness in my brain gradually cleared today some three weeks later I am up out of bed walking laps around our streets and lifting light weights with my left arm and leg, nothing short of a miracle. I know Brandi can't cure me, but she has helped lesson the side effects of my cancer treatments. I always feel better when she is finished." Todd French 8/14 (RIP 1/30/15)Brandi, I loved it! I lost 24 pounds total. Almost immediately lost acid reflux and as result started sleeping much better.  Also feel much more energetic and have lost the bloated feeling. I am now in the gym regularly as well so I expect the knowledge gained on nutrition plus regular exercise to be a constant life change for me going forward.  Thanks I have several referrals coming to you from people generally saying you look great what are you doing..... I give them the quick story and they always ask for contact info.  Great program exactly what I was hoping for."  Todd French 2/10

Stevie Johnson


"I wish every person that's into or getting into fitness, and is following me- would follow my personal trainer @fitmindnbody on Instagram. She's got the wavy vibes and keeps it light every time I'm there. I feel blessed every session. Her grams will keep you laughing and mentally where you have to be to keep your fitness way up. Check her out! Thx Ms. Brandi and Ray! #HBHF"Stevie Johnson~NFL Player with the Chargers, 49'rs, and Buffalo Bills

Tank Williams


"Hey QB! Thanks so much for the deep muscle work, Trigger Point Therapy education, cleanse program. I feel like a new man! Wish I had you around when I was playing for the NFL!" Tank Williams~Former NFL Player for Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans and Don't forget Stanford. Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football Commentator 

Corbin Louks


"Brandi is in a league of her own! Her passion and professionalism cannot be matched. She has a burning desire to do whatever it takes to get her clients back to competing at the highest level. If it wasn't for Brandi my chances of continuing to pursue my dreams and goals would not be possible! Thank you Brandi for all of your continued hard work!" - Corbin Louks~NFL-Seahawks, Broncos, and  KC Chiefs

Morgan Breslin


I have always seeked a competitive edge with different styles of training and I found it with Brandi. Her training methods are unlike anyone else. I was referred to Brandi from a friend and have been training with her ever since. Not only did she push me physically, but also challenged me mentally to get better. She puts her heart into helping me achieve my goals and all she asks for is maximum effort. You are awesome and thank you. 

Morgan Breslin~USC, 49er's


Chris Lieto

"I travel all over the world as an elite athlete competing and training for ironman distance triathlons, which puts a lot of stress and strain on my body. When I'm home in Danville, I rely on Brandi to help me recover from intense training and competitions . Her training and knowledge can help you with your everyday muscle aches and pains. Whether you are an elite athlete or looking to top your personal best, Brandi at Fit Mind n Body are your answer to peak performance and just feeling your best!" Chris Lieto-Professional Triathlete & Founder of BASE Performance Nutrition

Nate Schierholtz

"Thanks Brandi for working all my knots out which has improved my flexibility and mobility on and off the field. In addition, your advice on clean eating has given me more energy and endurance for long days on the field."Nate Schierholtz~Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants

"I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable Brandi is with healing the body. She has kept me healthy and has helped fix my pain for the last several years. She not only relieves the stress in your body but educates you on how to keep it away by doing your own mobility at home. I highly recommend her services for anyone. She is a “miracle worker!”. I trust her 110% and my whole family gets treated by her, including my kids who are very active with sports. I wouldn’t think twice about going anywhere else." Monique Londeree~Triathlete and Crossfit

"Thank you Brandi! I was actually able to swim (not float like a jellyfish) yesterday and today. My shoulder is a little sore, but a good sore like it has been worked, not a lazy sore. I know there was no way I would be able to swim all the way across the pool underwater (kind of like what you do when you are 12) if it wasn't for you!! Thank you for ARP'ing me back to health!"  Mary B

"Thank you for all of your support that you have given me this year Brandi. Thank you for helping me to obtain my biggest goal for the past many years! I never dreamed that I would shed over 40 pounds and be a size 4 by the end of 2011. Thank you for all that you do and you are a great mentor! You rock!!!"  Wendy S.

"Hi Brandi, I have some good news to share with you: So you know how I told you my friend in Newport Beach was doing your cleanse? Well, she has also been battling thyroid cancer for the past 6 years. This past week she had to get her usual blood work done since they monitor her blood sugar levels, liver function, kidneys, etc regularly... Well she got the results back and they are the best they have ever been in 6 years.. and she knows it is definitely from the cleanse because they have never been this good. Not only that but she doesn't have to do another treatment for another 6 months (maybe even longer) since her thyroid tumor marker is so low. Thanks for all of your help!"  Jas L.

"First of all, I want to tell you that I honestly can say that you have saved my life! I have lost 180 pounds now.  I feel so much healthier today than I ever have.  What an awesome program! I even completed 26 miles for Relay for Life. The control I have over my eating habits has made every part of my life better! Thank you Brandi!"   Susan P. 

"Brandi:  Thank you so much for introducing me to clean eating. For me, it wasn't just to complete another detox/cleanse. It was an education on how the eat right and change the way I look at food. Since October, I lost 18 lbs - 10 lbs on your program and then another 8 lbs in November. I am happy to say I have been able to keep the weight off (even during the holidays!) - based on your nutritional education, 80/20 rule and exercise. Talk soon."  Rob R.

"Brandi, Thank you so very, very much for an excellent meeting this morning. What an eye opener that was for me.  I realized there were several dots I had yet to connect-and thanks to your willingness to ask those questions, I finally did see some patterns! So, from the bottom of my heart to yours, thank you!! You gave me a chance for some insights that I desperately needed! You are amazing!!  Nette

"Brandi, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your articles in the Danville Today. Thanks for all the great information and for helping me lose over 25 pounds now!"  Vicky B.

"Brandi, thank you for teaching me how foods affect my body. This is the first time in my life that I have been able to control my blood sugar. Even my doctor was amazed! Thanks for your wisdom and dedication to educate and empower us!"  KP 

"Hi Brandi!!  Let me get right to the point...thank you for helping me get my life back. Not only am I physically healthier but  also mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  My daughters are eating better; we cook together, exercise together and read lots of labels ;)). I'm way more patient too! I'm a different person, a better person. Thank you!!   Marc T.

"I have to give a HUGE shout out to Brandi Geiger of Fit Mind n Body! Think you're too out of shape, injured or knotted up to even think about walking, let alone anything that resembles a cardio workout? You owe yourself a chat with Brandi!! A wonderful addition to my wellness program!" Linda N.

"That moment you know you have been doing ARP Wave when you start dreaming your are doing a presentation about Fit Mind n Body while wearing Kangoo shoes....Thanks Brandi!" KM